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Free Use of 'eRead Scheme'

To support schools' promotion of extensive reading, the EDB launched a six-month pilot scheme for public sector schools' (including special schools) and DSS schools' free use of Hong Kong Education City's (EdCity) 'eRead Scheme' in July 2020. The Scheme, which is a school-based eBook subscription service for primary and secondary schools, provides a wide range of eBooks in various categories and levels. Most primary and secondary schools have participated in the pilot scheme, which has been well received with a high downloading rate for a number of eBooks, reflecting the positive effect of the Scheme on schools’ promotion of extensive reading.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, all primary and secondary schools still have to suspend face-to-face classes. In view of schools’ active participation in the Scheme, the EDB has decided to extend the free use period of the Scheme to 31 August 2021. Schools are encouraged to continuously optimise the use of Information Technology in education to support students to read at home.

Schools already participating in Free Use of eRead Scheme do not need to submit any application again. EdCity will automatically extend the service period and a confirmation email will be sent to the schools concerned. For those schools that have previously subscribed to the extended services of 'EdCity Reading Package' in order to extend the service period to 31 August 2021, EdCity will take the initiative to contact individual school to make corresponding arrangements.

eRead Scheme

'eRead Scheme' is a school-based eBook subscription service by Hong Kong Education City (EdCity) supporting schools to promote extensive reading. It provides a wide range of quality Chinese and English eBooks suitable for primary and secondary schools in various categories and levels. Participating schools can form their own school-based 'reading package' by selecting suitable titles from about 2,000 local and overseas eBooks. Schools participating in Free Use of eRead Scheme can subscribe to the primary or secondary package with 100 books. The service period is from date of subscription to 31 August 2021. Each school's reading package comprises 30 core books, with the remaining books to be selected by the school.

During the service period, teachers and students of the participating schools have unlimited access to the books in their 'reading package' via web browser or the 'EdBookShelf' mobile app, with the use of computers, tablets or smartphones. The system provides reading data for teachers to better understand students' reading performances and preferences, so as to devise appropriate strategies for promoting reading to enhance their reading skills and learning capabilities.

Scheme Features

  • Unlimited access by all teachers and students during the service period without any logistical arrangements for book circulation
  • Reading data available for better understanding of students' reading performance and preferences
  • eBook distribution function for handy book recommendations to students
  • Reading offline by downloading the eBooks using the 'EdBookShelf' mobile app

EdBookShelf Functions

  • Cross-platform support (Android, iOS and web browsers)
  • Supporting both Chinese and English interface
  • Book-marking, note-taking and annotation functions
  • Inbuilt Cantonese / Putonghua / English text-to-speech function
  • Integrated with multilingual 'Dictionary' in mobile devices

Arrangements of Free Use of the Scheme

  • Participating schools should assign a teacher-in-charge to complete the online application form and coordinate the book selection.
  • After the participating schools have submitted the application form, EdCity will provide a link to the 'Selective Book List' web page via email. The teacher-in-charge can browse the book list, select books that are suitable for their school, and submit such list of selected books to EdCity in order to form their own school-based 'reading package'.
  • The 'reading package' will be ready in two weeks after the school has submitted their list of selected books.
  • Participating schools should update their teacher and student account information through EdCity's School Accounts Administration System, and distribute the related information to teachers and students in order for them to enjoy the 'reading package'.
  • Teachers and students can download the EdBookShelf mobile app, or go to the 'eRead Scheme' website via web browser, and then log in with their EdCity accounts to start reading.
  • The service period of Free Use of 'eRead Scheme' is effective until 31 August 2021.

Apply Now

Teachers-in-charge can apply online for Free Use of 'eRead Scheme' for their schools with their EdCity teacher accounts.

If you do not have an EdCity teacher account, please click here to download the application form, then complete and email it to EdCity for follow-up.

To reactivate your school buyer account, please click here to download form.
The 2021/22 'eRead Scheme' will be available for school subscription in mid to late June. At that time, teacher in-charge can enter each paid package's page, click 'Quotation Online Form', and complete the form to request for a quotation.

Briefing Session Review

In July 2020, EdCity organised two briefing sessions to help teachers learn more about the 'Summer Reading Programme – Free Use of "eRead Scheme"'. Please click the following links to watch the video recording and download the presentation slides:

For enquiries, please contact us on 2624 1000 or info@edcity.hk.

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