The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera
A mysterious ghost is haunting the famous Paris Opera House. There are all sorts of rumours about the Phantom of the Opera, a frightening figure whose face is hidden by a terrible mask.
An unforgettable and deeply moving story about love, hate, beauty, monstrosity, ambition and revenge, set in the atmosphere of late 19th-century Paris, which has been made into popular film and stage versions.

The Life and Career of Gaston Leroux

Chapter One - The Opera Ghost

Chapter Two - A Gala Performance

Chapter Three - The Mystery of Box 5

Chapter Four - A Love Story

Chapter Five - The New Managers and the Ghost

Chapter Six - A Masked Ball

Chapter Seven - Love and Terror

Chapter Eight - The Mysterious Persian

Chapter Nine - The Hunt for Christine

Chapter Ten - Erik and the Persian

Chapter Eleven - Love and Death

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