The Giza Phone Book

The Giza Phone Book
Many scholars tries to explain the secrets of pyramids. However, no matter which version of ‘explanation', they cannot explain the existence of some features or characteristics of the pyramids. Author of this book is a very smart History teacher. He has a very logical and reasonable explanation of the riddle. This breakthrough tries to decode the whole riddle, and most importantly of all, it tries to point out the way to contact people who construct the pyramids. These 'creatures' not only shaped the history of mankind, but they will also change our future! It is now the time to consider this question:”Why do they want us to call them?” To congratulate us or exterminate us? They have been waiting us for 12,000 years.
Chapter 1 Puzzles and more puzzles P.6

Chapter 2 The Antechamber: the Generator P.13

Chapter 3 The King'shamber: the Reactor P.24

Chapter 4 The Grand Gallery: the Transformer P.37

Chapter 5 The Queen's Chamber: the Amplifier P.51

Chapter 6 The Subterranean Chamber: the Container P.66

Chapter 7 The Talking Pyramid: the Ark of Covenant:

The loud speaker P.77

Chapter 8 Reflections on the Great Pyramid P.100

i. Pyramid energy and the amazing staff

ii. Souvenir from Ethiopia

iii. The role of the Giza Pyramids

iv. The laboratory on Earth

v. Djoser's Step Pyramid Compound

vi. Giza phone book

Chapter 9 Not a conclusion P.149

My next project P.160

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