The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black
The children wanted Arthur to tell them a ghost story. But he could not do so. His story was too horrible to tell.

His story was of a lonely house among the dangerous masrshes. There a woman in black with hate in her eyes waited and watched. And a child cried out in the mist.
A Note About This Story 4

1 Christmas Eve 5

2 London Fog 7

3 The Funeral of Mrs Drablow 10

4 Eek Marsh House 14

5 The City of a Child 19

6 I Go Back 24

7 Dinner With Mr Daily 26

8 Sounds in the Night 29

9 Behind the Door 35

10 Terror on the Marshes 41

11 I Leave Eel Marsh House 45

12 The Death Certificates 48

13 'Nothing Can Happen Now...' 50

14 The Story Ends 54

Points for Understanding 58

關鍵字詞: Ghost story|horror|english reader




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