Tony! Blessings from a Special Needs Child

Tony! Blessings from a Special Needs Child


This book chronicles the experience and spiritual journey of a mother of an autistic child, uncovering the myriad of difficulties that face autistic children and their parents. Told from the perspective of the mother, the book shows how, in fighting for the rights and best possible opportunities for the autistic child, the mother has turned a curse into a blessing.

The book will have resonance for parents of children with autism and other learning difficulties. It demonstrates that however difficult it is to bring up children with special needs, these difficulties are not insurmountable.

The book addresses issues beyond autism and motherhood, such as discrimination, opportunities and participation, purpose in life, etc. Therefore the readership is not confined to parents of autistic children. The book will provide good food for thought for anyone with an interest in people and life in general.

While there are books authored by parents of autistic children, they are mostly published overseas. The majority of these books aim at providing parents with tips on how to parent autistic children. Locally, there are a few books about the experience of parents of children with special needs but they are all written in Chinese.

The book is written in an accessible style and can easily appeal to the general reader.
Icy Lee

The author is a teacher educator with the Faculty of Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She holds a PhD from the University of Hong Kong and is a well-known English language teacher educator in Hong Kong. Internationally she is recognized for her work in second language writing within the field of TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages).

Dr Fernando Cheung Chiu Ho 張超雄博士 vi

Dr Louis Shih Tai Cho, JP 史泰祖醫生太平紳士 vii

Dr Kathy Lee Yuet Sheung 李月裳博士 viii

Ms Yolanda Wong 黃嚴麗慈女士 x

Reverend Sek-wai Lo 羅錫為牧師 xii


CHAPTER 1 Tony started kindergarten 17

CHAPTER 2 Is Tony normal? 19

CHAPTER 3 Tony has autistic features 22

CHAPTER 4 Tony is autistic 24

CHAPTER 5 Early intervention 27

CHAPTER 6 To work or not to work 30

CHAPTER 7 Tony's schooling 32

CHAPTER 8 What a naughty boy! 35

CHAPTER 9 Autism and alternative therapies 38

CHAPTER 10 Tony's intelligence 41

CHAPTER 11 Seeking a better world for Tony 44

CHAPTER 12 I never thought I would do a PhD 46

CHAPTER 13 What a different world! 48

CHAPTER 14 Incredible news 50

CHAPTER 15 Was it a right choice? 52

CHAPTER 16 What is the best treatment for autism? 54

CHAPTER 17 Gareth is a miracle 56

CHAPTER 18 Should we return to Hong Kong? 59

CHAPTER 19 Our summer visit to Hong Kong in 2000 61

CHAPTER 20 Another miracle 64

CHAPTER 21 Tony's home programme 67

CHAPTER 22 Tony's talents 69

CHAPTER 23 Tony had a traffic accident 73

CHAPTER 24 Tony hurt his leg, so did I 77

CHAPTER 25 Being an advocate 80

CHAPTER 26 Parents' campaign 85

CHAPTER 27 What is "excellent" education for SEN students? 89

CHAPTER 28 Discrimination 92

CHAPTER 29 Speaking up for Tony 95

CHAPTER 30 Helping other SEN kids 97

CHAPTER 31 It's not fair 100

CHAPTER 32 Gareth's love for Tony 103

CHAPTER 33 What a nuisance! 106

CHAPTER 34 The strides Tony has made 109

CHAPTER 35 Tennis with Tony 113

CHAPTER 36 Tony's cooking competition 116

CHAPTER 37 Tony's achievements 118

CHAPTER 38 Tony enters into adulthood 120

CHAPTER 39 Tony goes to "university" 123

CHAPTER 40 Does Tony love me? 125

CHAPTER 41 I once said: I won't be happy for the rest of my life 128

CHAPTER 42 Purpose of life 131

CHAPTER 43 I was chosen by God 135

CHAPTER 44 Hurdle race 137

CHAPTER 45 Abundant blessings 140


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