The Dark Side 2 Day Zero and Other Stories

The Dark Side 2  Day Zero and Other Stories
The Dark Side 2: Day Zero and Other Stories is a mix of stories, dividing broadly between six’horror’ stories and six’thriller’ stories. Horror stories often fill us with dread and show us a much darker side of human behaviour. At the same time, they can be funny and satirical. The other six stories are more varied. Some are thrillers where the main aim is to excite the reader. Some like’Auto Message’ try to say something about how technology is affecting our daily lives. Others like’The Curse’ try to show us, in a humorous way, how greedy people could be.
The great thing about stories is that they carry us into another world on top of helping us to learn words, parts of speech and sentence construction. If we dive into the pool of good stories, we’ll learn how to swim – using those good examples in our own writing.
Adrian Tilley taught English in the UK and Hong Kong before taking to writing full time. He has two young adult novels to his credit, The Spider's Web and The Damaged, Cheung Chau Paradise and Other Stories, The Dark Side and now The Dark Side 2 – Day Zero and Other Stories. He has written plays about Hong Kong's history and also writes screenplays. He specialises in creative writing workshops for young people internationally. He lives in a 400 year old barn in Devon, England. He plays golf and music, both rather badly.

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