Let your imagination run wild with Roald Dahl

Have you heard of “Charlie in the Chocolate Factory”? This classic children book is written by a famous writer Roald Dahl. His books are known for unexpected endings and humour. Featuring four selected masterpieces that will definitely make you laugh to tear. Dive into the pages now, and let your imagination run wild with Roald Dahl!

The Witches
《The Witches》

作者:Roald Dahl
出版:Heinemann Educational Publishers,1983

Witches in fairytales are known to be evil and terrifying, didn’t expect that witches in real life are even more frightening! Not only they make poisons, but also plan to turn all of the children into mice. Can a seven-year-old kid and his retired “witch hunter” grandma defeat the most visious witch in England and prevent her from wipping out all the children? First published in 1983, this book is considered to be one of the top all-time children’s novels. Will it become your favourite novel?


作者:Roald Dahl
出版:Heinemann Educational Publishers,1991

Matilda Wormwood, who starts to speak at age 1 and read at age three, was born with talent but misrecognised as a nuisance by her parent. Being mistreated at home and at school, growing up is not easy for her, so she induges herself in books. One day, Matilda discovers she has an extraordinary power that can make adults in big trouble. Thus, she decides to use it to protect her classmates and teacher Jennifer Honey……

George's Marvellous Medicine
《George's Marvellous Medicine》

作者:Roald Dahl
出版:Heinemann Educational Publishers,1981

Being a medical expert is one of Roald Dahl’s dream where he made it come true in this book. George is an eight years old boy who is being bullied by his grandmother occasionally. Knowing his grandma is a witch, he decided to make a magic portion as revenege. This portion contains over 30 ingredients, such as shampoo, toothpaste, hair remover, sheep dip, which are collected from family farm. Does this portion work? What happen to his grandmother?


作者:Roald Dahl
出版:Heinemann Educational Publishers,1986

As a brilliant writer, Roald Dahl has shown us his creaitivity, sense of humour, and most importantly, the love-hate relationship between children and auldts. “Boy” is an autobiographical book about Roald Dahl, including his childhood, school life, first job, working experience etc. After reading this book, you will understand more about the message in each comedian novels that Roald Dahl tried to deliver, as well as where does the dark thoughts come from. His childhood might sound tradegic, but he chose to descibe it in a hilarious way and mdae such personal experience less heavier to read.



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