I looked up at the high castle walls. There were no lights in any of the windows. I heard the great wooden door being unlocked. It opened slowly. A very old man with white hair was standing there.

'Welcome to my home,' he said. 'Enter Castle Dracula, Mr Harker.'

As I stepped inside, Count Dracula took hold of my arm. He was terribly strong and his hand was as cold as ice.

Introductory Notes 4

1 - The Road to Castle Dracula 6

2 - A Prisoner in the Castle 11

3 - The Vampires 15

4 - A Visit to Hythe 20

5 - How Lucy Died 26

6 - The Beautiful Lady of Hythe 30

7 - The House of the Vampire 36

8 - The Flight of the Vampire 43

9 - The Return to Castle Dracula 46

Points for Understanding 53

Glossary 59

List of titles at Intermediate Level 63

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