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About EdBookShelf

Read eBooks at EdBookShelf:

Hong Kong Education City (EdCity) is always committed to cultivating reading culture and creating a favourable digital reading environment with the prevalence of eLearning. 'EdBookShelf' is a cross-platform, multi-functional eBook reader by EdCity, with the following features: text-to speech function in Cantonese, Putonghua and English; Chinese and English interface; built-in tools such as bookmarking, note-taking, highlighting, 'Dictionary'; eBooks synchronised in the cloud; online or offline reading on tablets and smartphones; and multi-book reading via browsers. Readers can enjoy reading anytime and anywhere on EdBookShelf.

iOS / Android 'EdBookShelf App' with diverse features: 

  • Explore and get a thousand free eBooks including 'eRead Scheme' eligible books for offline reading after downloading
  • Add Students' Favourite list showing the most popular books at a glance
  • Add Teacher's Recommendation list which teachers can recommend books to students on the 'Hong Kong Reading City' website, then students can conveniently browse all books recommended by their teachers in the App chronologically 
  • Share books through social media to foster 'Read and Share' in users' reading community


'Reading to Learn' is only possible when we have good books. EdCity continuously enriches the eBook collection by collaborating with various publishers, organisations and schools. The collection includes a wide range of quality eBooks covering Chinese and English titles in various categories and levels. In particular, ‘eRead Scheme’ provides yearly subscription services of eBooks for schools. With the school subscription to the free / paid reading packages, students and teachers can enjoy unlimited access to the selected eBooks at EdBookShelf during the service period. Reading data is available for teachers to better understand students' reading performance, preferences and habits, so as to develop appropriate strategies to promote reading.

In addition, Hong Kong Reading City provides more than 1,100 free / paid quality eBooks for members to subscribe to:

Free eBooks

  1. Go to Hong Kong Reading City website and log in with an EdCity account
  2. Under 'Search by Collection Type', tick 'Free eBook'
  3. Click to select an eBook and enter its page, then click 'Add to EdBookShelf'
  4. Start reading on 'EdBookShelf' (Web) or Mobile App

Paid eBooks

  1. Click here to browse and select an eBook, then click 'Buy'
  2. Complete your order at EdMall
  1. Start reading on ‘EdBookShelf’ (Web) or mobile app


(Go to ‘Delivery Hub’ and gift / deliver the eBook to other EdCity members if needed)