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1. What are the procedures for schools to join the ‘eRead Scheme’?

i. Log in to EdMall with ‘School Buyer’ account and search ‘eRead Scheme’, OR visit the website of eRead Scheme and browse ‘Reading Packages & Subscription’ for selection

ii. Subscribe to the paid package(s) based on the total number of students in your school and the total number of eBooks

iii. For paid packages, school can choose the selective eBooks from the shortlist upon successful subscription with the link of Online eBook Selection Form sent by email. Please log in with ‘Teacher’ account and complete the form. The books will be ready in 1 day.

2. When can my school start using the service after successful subscription?

Free packages: school teachers and students may use the service 3 -5 working days after successful subscription (book selection needed for ‘School-based Free Reading Package)

Paid packages: after school subscribing the package(s) on EdMall, and confirming the number of students, the number of ebooks and the order, teachers may then complete the Online eBook Selection Form. The service will be activated in 1 day.

3. What kind of users are entitled to access the eBooks?

Log in with EdCity teachers, students and staff account to use the service after subscribed to the package(s) successfully.

4. What are the requirements to use the platform service?

For best reading experience, we recommend the following:

Browsers – latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge

Android – Android OS version 7 or above with Chrome 45 or above installed

iOS – OS version 12.4 and above.

5. How do I know the file size of eBooks in iOS or Andriod App?

Log in to EdBookShelf and follow the signs below




1. Who can see the admin page? Can the reading data be kept over the current academic year?

Only school teachers can access the admin page and view the reading data.

For free package(s), the effective service period is till 31 August of every school year. The reading record will be kept until the aforementioned date.

For paid package, the reading record can be kept if school renews the subscription for the coming academic year. However, if school does not renew, the eBooks will be expired and the related reading record can’t be retrieved. We recommend teachers to back up all records on or before the end of the service period, i.e. 31 August.

2. How long will it take for data synchronisation to eRead Admin Report?

Reading data will be updated within 24 hours.

3. Can teachers distribute eBooks to students?

Yes, we have added eBook distribution function in school year 2017/18.

4. What devices are suitable to use?

We support PC, Tablets and Smartphones (both iOS and Android). 

5. Can I print out the eBooks for my teaching purpose?

No. The user license is only for online reading.

6. Is it working out of Hong Kong region?

We support online and offline reading (offline reading available for ‘EdBookShelf’’ application). Students can download the eBooks in Hong Kong and read the eBooks with tablets or smartphones in regions out of Hong Kong. Please note it is required to have online access regularly (~10 days).

Free Packages

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Paid Packages

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