You Can't Hide - How I brought my rapist stepfather to justice

You Can't Hide - How I brought my rapist stepfather to justice
In 2011 Tina Renton used her law degree to put the man who had abused her from the age of six behind bars. That man was her stepfather, David Moore, a predatory paedophile who pounced on Tina while she innocently lay sleeping at night. From the age of six until she was fifteen, Tina was subjected to David Moore's warped brutality. As a teenager she told her mother and teacher that she was being raped but, incredibly, no action was taken. Alone, with nowhere to turn for help, she drew on her inner strength to survive, knowing that she would someday get justice.

In fact she waited until adulthood to see justice done. In spite of having had virtually no education, she was accepted by Essex University and graduated with a 2:1 in Law in 2009. While studying she realised that although the abuse had happened many years earlier, she could finally take her stepfather to court and make him pay for stealing her childhood. She told her story to the police in 2009 and two years later, she saw Moore sentenced to 14 years for rape and sexual abuse. Her brave and shocking story throws a spotlight on how children are failed by adults when they need them most. Tina's determination to fight against the odds and never give up is an inspiration to anyone who has ever wanted to see justice done.

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