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EdCity Reading Package 23/24 (Top Ten Special Edition)

EdCity has joined forces with Sino United Publishing (Holdings) Limited to introduce an exclusive reading package known as the EdCity Reading Package (Top Ten Special Edition). This aims to provide all teachers and students with an opportunity to explore the cherished titles before casting their votes for the Top Ten Book Picks Campaign, while promoting extensive reading in the community.

Each primary school combo comprises 1 eBook and 49 physical books, whereas the secondary school combo includes 5 eBooks and 48 physical books.

Please note that the 'Top Ten Special Edition' is available only as a combo package, and individual book sales are not offered. Furthermore, in order for a school to purchase additional physical books as an add-on, it must first be a current subscriber to the Special Edition.

All eBooks included in the reading package will be available for access from 8 April 2024, until 31 August 2024. As for the physical books, once an order is confirmed, they will be dispatched and delivered to the school within 7 to 14 working days by Sino United Publishing (Holdings) Limited.

The discounted price of the Special Edition for the primary and secondary levels ends on 20 May 2024.

Primary Standard Book List

Secondary Standard Book List

For enquiries, please contact us on 2624 1024 / 2624 1063 or info@edcity.hk.