Fill Your Winter with Thrills

In the chilling winter, one of the most exhilarating ways to spend time with friends is sitting around a fireplace and sharing horror tales with each other. This booklist features a series of mysterious events about ghosts and supernatural phenomenon, as well as murders to be investigated by the talented detective, Sherlock Holmes and his wise partner, Dr Watson. Are you ready to fill your winter with thrills? Let’s check it out!

The Woman in Black
《The Woman in Black》

作者:Susan Hill
出版:Macmillan Publishers Limited,2005

Arthur Kipps, a young solicitor, was sent to a small town called Crythin Gifford to settle the estate of Mrs Alice Drablow. During the funeral, he saw a woman dressed in black with a pale face, while no one else could see her. After that, he was haunted by frequent sightings of this woman, accompanied with disturbing noises. It was only when a tragedy happened that he realised a terrible fact: a child would die each time when she was seen. What was the mystery behind the woman in black?

A Study in Scarlet
《A Study in Scarlet》

作者:Arthur Conan Doyle

Nearly all of you have heard of this classical combination: the talented detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner, Dr John Watson. However, have you wondered how they became acquaintances of each other? Being the first novel of the Holmes detective series by Arthur Conon Doyle, this book features the introduction of Holmes and Watson as well as the vicious murder case they solved together. In a derelict house in London, a corpse was discovered with bloody words written. How could Sherlock Holmes use his brilliant skills and knowledge to bring the murderer to justice?

The Turn Of The Screw
《The Turn Of The Screw》

作者:Henry James (亨利.簷姆斯)

A young lady was once appointed to be the governess of a pair of weirdly beautiful children. Living in a secluded mansion with the children and a handful of servants, she gradually discovered that the ghosts of the former governess and a valet haunted this place and they wanted to bring those children to the underworld. However, the strangest thing was that the children were not scared by the fiendish creatures at all. What could the courageous governess do to save them from the hands of evil spirits?

Ghastly Ghosts!
《Ghastly Ghosts!》

作者:Gina D.B. Clemen

The great Chinese philosopher Confucius has a famous quote: while respecting spiritual beings, men should keep aloof from them, and that may be called wisdom. However, there are numerous tales about ghosts in most cultures as humans are frightened of, and are paradoxically curious about the underworld. Do ghosts really exist? Why did ghosts haunt the place where they died? In this book, the author attempts to explain supernatural phenomenon from the perspective of science. Maybe you’ll also become a ghost investigator after reading this book!



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